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Kid Talk is a pediatric therapy center that is focused on developing, improving and enhancing the skills children need to lead quality lives. Kid Talk accomplishes this by creating a functional treatment plan that will generalize to the child’s everyday life. Treatment is child-centered, functional and fun!
Kid Talk offers quality pediatric therapy services to children with a variety of disorders. Some of them include cerebral palsy, Fragile-X Syndrome , traumatic brain injury, autism, developmental delay, Down’s Syndrome and ADHD/ADD.
“Our speech therapist has been incredibly supportive during a difficult year. She has given me support, understanding and an open ear to hear all of my concerns…We have begun to see great improvements in my daughter’s speech, which is very exciting and promising.”
“I have been beyond impressed with the therapy. Our therapist is always trying new things and knows my child well.”
“My child has come a long way since we’ve received services at Kid Talk. Our therapist makes it fun for our son, he doesn’t know he is working.”
“The therapists are very positive, respectful, and fun. Both of my children have thrived in this program!”
“I have been beyond impressed with the therapy. Our therapist is always trying new things and knows my child well.”

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