Kid Talk has been an ever-growing clinic for the past 13 years!  What started out as a one woman show has now expanded to a team of 15 talented and dedicated therapists divided across 2 locations! Growth always seems to require change!

Everyone may have noticed some oddities around the clinic last week!  Maybe an unusually high stack of bins in the gym, emptied therapy rooms, and even some dust flying as worker-bees were drilling and hammering.  What is going on around Kid Talk?  

Kid Talk Victoria is getting a make-over!  You may have noticed some fresh paint in the hallway a few weeks ago when you stepped off the elevator!  That was just the begging and the changes are moving inside the clinic now!

Candy will be making a move to the old therapist’s office where she and Katie will share the office of all offices!  Over the next few months, her old office will be turned into a parent resource room with books, dvd’s, and informational brochures to share with our families.  The desks that previously occupied the therapist’s office are being moved into our individual therapy rooms!  AND the whole clinic got new carpet over the weekend!   Last but not least, the toy room will be getting a new wall built for some extra organization!

For the kids and families that came in on Thursday, I think the therapists were much more thrown off by the changes than the kids were!  They weren’t phased by the stacked bins or empty therapy rooms!  Everything’s always an adventure for them and it’s a great attitude for all of us as adults to try and replicate!

Keep your eyes posted around the clinic, because there might be some more fun changes in the future!