Our Philosophy

Kid Talk’s Goal

Kid Talk, a pediatric therapy clinic, is striving to be known by the families, schools and physicians we serve as caring, skilled professionals.  We are willing to go the “extra mile” to ensure our clients succeed with Kid Talk’s functional pediatric treatment approach. We know every child and every situation is unique, so we don’t rely solely on written reports. When appropriate, we also talk to physicians, teachers and others who may have valuable insight into a child’s particular therapy needs. And when treatment is completed, we follow up to see how your child is doing.

Family Involvement

Nothing matches the thrill of seeing the child you love succeed. That’s why we strongly encourage parents and other caregivers to attend their child’s treatment sessions. In our experience, a child whose caregiver is 100% involved in their therapy progresses more rapidly than a child whose caregiver is not involved.

It is expected at Kid Talk that caregivers will attend most of their child’s treatment sessions in order to observe and demonstrate an understanding of what the therapist is asking them to do at home. When appropriate, caregivers are frequently given ideas or daily activities to complete on a daily basis at home.